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15 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women [2019 Updated]


Short Hairstyles for Women which are in Trend Now: Are you planning to chop off your hairs and get a trendy short hairstyle? If you find that you love the breeze blowing around your shoulder, you like the light hairs and love the bounce of short hairs then you should go for a short hairstyle. To get that amazing hairstyle suitable which will suit you, you need to know about the trendy shorts hairstyles that designers have created. Here are few discussed.

Here is the List of Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2019

1. Pixie Cut

Pixie cut Short Hairstyle For Women
Pixie cut Hairstyle

You may find this haircut old but this hairstyle is still in trend. This hairstyle will easily go with western dresses as well as with traditional dresses. You can get an attractive look with this simple but elegant hairstyle.

2. Short Length Hairstyle

Short Length Short Hairstyle For Women
Short Length Hairstyle

If you don’t like hairs with length but also not like the boyish hairstyle then you can go with this mixed hairstyle. Which has a little length to remove the boyish look and will also not disturb you with huge length?

3. Mature Lady

Mature Lady Short Hairstyle For Women
Mature Lady Hairstyle

This style is found perfect for the mature ladies. You can find a simple bob cut which is modified with a deep swoop in front. If you have a round or oval face then this hairstyle will suit you perfectly.

4. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle For Women
Wavy Bob Haircut

Bob cut is not only for straight hair you can enjoy this evergreen style with your wavy hairs as well. Even the waves of your hair will give a new dimension to the hairstyle. This will make you feel light but will give you a bouncy hair look.

5. Cotton Candy Hairstyle

Cotton Candy Short Hairstyle For Women
Cotton Candy Hairstyle

This hairstyle with can also be considered as boyish style but here you can find the puffy look which you can get by curing your hairs or if you have an inborn curly hair. This hairstyle is found to be perfect of the mature ladies.

6. Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut Short Hairstyle For Women
Blunt Cut

If you are in search of an everyday hairstyle which looks decent then you must go for this hairstyle. Which beautifully gives you a free back neck and also decent hold your hair without being messy.

7. Rounded Bob

Rounded Bob Short Hairstyle For Women
Rounded Bob

A modified style of the bob is this rounded bob style which you can enjoy greatly with straight hairs. This hairstyle also provides you with a fuller look. Even if you are that skinny that anyone can read your jawline then you can go for this hairstyle to bring to volume in your look.

8. Graduated Layers

Graduated Layers Short Hairstyle For Women
Graduated Layers Haircut

For the messy curly hairs, you can get this hairstyle because this will maintain the volume of the hair and also provide you with a clear look. You can find the neck gets free of hairs but still the hairstyle has a volume.

9. Short Bob Style

Short Bob Style Short Hairstyle For Women
Short Bob Style

This hairstyle for sleek hairs has nothing much but a short height bob style. A bit modification has done with a front deep slope. You can find this hairstyle suitable for every attire but you need to put a good conditioner to maintain the look.

10. Highlighted Ends

Highlighted Ends Short Hairstyle For Women
Highlighted Ends

The simple bob cut can be designed with great highlights tat the end inch of your hairs. This style can go greatly with wavy as well as straight hairs. You can modify your bob cut in your way like this one.

11. Disorganized Bob

Disorganized Bob Short Hairstyle For Women
Disorganized Bob

This messy hairstyle which looks pretty on Taylor Swift has nothing but a non-uniform bob cut. You can find the side strings are longer than the hairs in back. This keeps your neck free but gives a voluminous look to you.

12. Tiny Trimmed Hair

Tiny Trimmed Short Hairstyle For Women
Tiny Trimmed Hair

If you want to get the cool summer look then this cool hairstyles can easily beat the summer heat and enjoy the free feeling.

13. Asymmetric Sides

Asymmetric Sides Short Hairstyle For Women
Asymmetric Sides

This simple hairstyle has the plus in it with the asymmetric sides. You need not deal with the boring doll hairstyle. You can enjoy one side hairs being longer than another side. This asymmetric behavior makes the hairstyle modern and graceful.

14. Asymmetric Layers

Asymmetric Layers Short Hairstyle For Women
Asymmetric Layers

Don’t confuse this style with pixie cut because this hairstyle has layers of hairs which and not identical to each other. This non-identical strip makes the hairstyle messy but the modest. Young adults don’t wait to get this cool short hairstyle in this season.

15. Curled Bob

Curled Bob Short Hairstyle For Women
Curled Bob

If you have heavy curls and could not find a style for you then you can get this voluminous bob style. This hairstyle not only adds volume to your look but also makes you free from the regular dealing with long curls. Because we all know that heavy curls are tough to tackle.

You may find more hairstyles or create some new hairstyle but the above-mentioned hairstyles are the most trendy hairstyle that you can find everywhere. Even the celebs are greatly adopting these hairstyles. You can find some modifications of these hairstyles as well but the base of the styles are discussed here.

15 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women [2019 Updated]
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15 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women [2019 Updated]
Latest Trendy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles For Women to Try in 2019. Bob Hairstyles, Blunt Cut Style, Layers Haircut etc.,
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