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50 Latest Designer Embroidery Saree Designs 2019 – 2020


When it comes to Ethnic Wear, first attire that clicks in mind is Saree. Every woman feels beautiful when she wears a Saree.

The sarees are made with flawlessness by the best craftsmen of the nation. You can discover silk, cotton, chiffon and georgette weaving sarees either in Market or at Online Stores. In the prior days, just Thread work was done on weaving sarees. With the progression in innovation, Zari, Kundan, Pearls and Brilliant Colourful Thread are additionally utilized. Through this article, we will depict all the Latest Embroidery Sarees Designs that are trending.

1. Embroidered Contemporary Saree

Embroidered Contemporary Saree 2019
Embroidered Contemporary Saree 2019

Contemporary Embroidery is also known as Machine Embroidery. In this embroidery craftsmen work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world.  Embroidered Contemporary Saree is becoming ladies first choice. Here are some latest Embroidered Contemporary Saree designs:

2. Resham Embroidery Sarees

Resham Embroidery Sarees 2019
Resham Embroidery Sarees 2019
Resham Embroidery Sarees 2020
Resham Embroidery Sarees 2020

Resham in English is known as Silk Embroidery Saree. Resham is a thin silky thread that is used to complete embroidery on Sarees. Craftsmen design Resham Embroidery Sarees by hand or by computerized designs. One can buy a Resham Embroidery Saree from Rs.1000 to Rs.10, 000. Here are some latest Resham Saree Designs.

3. Zari work Embroidery Saree

Zari work Embroidery Saree 2019
Zari work Embroidery Saree 2019
Zari work Embroidery Saree 2020
Zari work Embroidery Saree 2020

Zari Work is trending in India from the time of Mughals. Zari Work Embroidery Sarees are designed with fine threads made of Gold, Silver or any other metal. Previously Zari Sarees were a symbol of richness and Rich Women used to wear these Sarees. Zari Sarees

4. StoneWork Embroidery Saree

StoneWork Embroidery Saree 2019

StoneWork Embroidery Saree 2019

Stonework is the best way to provide a garment with more heavy and lavish look. To complete the Stone work embroidery Sarees, craftsmen use several Colourful stones in different patterns and styles. Some latest Stone Work Embroidery Saree Designs are:

5. Traditional Embroidery Saree

Traditional Embroidery Saree 2020 Traditional Embroidery Saree 2019

Traditional Embroidery Saree comprises of having thread work according to the earlier designs for example fine floral work or some designs including a Palki, Dulhan Etc. Today also when it comes to a wedding or functions related to it, Traditional Sarees get picked for the Bride.

6. Bead Work Embroidery Saree

Bead Work Embroidery Saree 2019 Bead Work Embroidery Saree 2020

In beadwork, the Saree gets designed with small crystal beads. The pattern, design whole gets the structure with the help of beads.

7. Cutdana Work Embroidery Saree

Cutdana Work Embroidery Saree 2020 Cutdana Work Embroidery Saree 2019

Cut Dana is a thin crystal pipe broken into small pieces. Cutdana Work Embroidery on a Saree gets completed by using Moti or beads with it.

8. Appliqué Work Embroidery Saree

Appliqué Work Embroidery Saree 2019 - 2020

In the context of sewing, an Appliqué refers to a needlework technique in which patterns or representational scenes are created by the attachment of smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting color or texture.

9. Sequins Embroidery Saree

Sequins Embroidery Saree 2019 Sequins Embroidery Saree 2020

In Sequins Embroidery, a small shiny disc gets to sew on to clothing for decoration. Sequins Embroidery Saree, the design gets completed with the help of Shiny Plastic coins.

10. Dori Work Embroidery Saree

Dori Work Embroidery Saree 2019 Dori Work Embroidery Saree 2020

Dori work is one of the spectacular kinds of Indian embroidered artwork. Today there are many professional designers who are transforming the Dori work on fabrics with a difference. Main Advantage of Dori work Saree is that it is Light to handle and Easy to wash. Here are some Trendy Dori Work Embroidery Saree designs:

11. Mirror Work Embroidery Saree

Mirror Work Embroidery Saree 2020 Mirror Work Embroidery Saree 2019

Mirror work, also known as shisha, is a popular craft from Gujarat and Rajasthan. In 17th Century, the Mirror Work was introduced by the Mughals. In Mirror work, three types of Crafts designed are hand blown shisha, machine cut shisha and shisha embroidery. Small pieces of Mirrors in several shapes and Sized are used to complete a Mirror Work Embroidery Saree

12. Thread Work Embroidery Saree

Thread Work Embroidery Saree 2020 Thread Work Embroidery Saree 2019

Thread Work Embroidery Saree gets designed with the help of a silky thread. In Earlier times Sarees were designed with the help of Thread Work only. We can say that Thread work Embroidery is the oldest form of embroidery work.

13. Gota Work Embroidery Saree

Gota Work Embroidery Saree 2019 - 2020

Gota Patti or gota work is a type of Indian embroidery that originated in Rajasthan, India. In Gota Work, the appliqué technique is used. In order to elaborate patterns, small pieces of zari ribbon are used. Gota embroidery is used extensively in South Asian wedding and formal clothes.

14. Designer Embroidery Saree

Designer Embroidery Saree 2019 - 2020

Designer Embroidery is n art of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread. In Designer Embroidery Sarees, designs are applied without regard to the weave of the underlying fabric.

15. Cutwork Embroidery Saree

Cutwork Embroidery Saree 2019 Cutwork Embroidery Saree 2020

Cutwork Embroidery Saree includes embroidery done on a fabric with spaces cut out in between. Needlework styles that incorporate cutwork consist of Broderie Anglaise, Carrickmacross Lace, Whitework, Early Reticella, Spanish Cutwork, Hedebo, And Jaali which is widespread in India.

16. Abstract Print Embroidery Saree

Abstract Print Embroidery Saree 2020 Abstract Print Embroidery Saree 2019

Abstract Print Embroidery Sarees are designed using a visual language of shape, form, color and, line to create a composition. Abstract Print Embroidery include Suprematism, Art Informel, Neo-Plasticism, and De Stijl.

17. Floral Print Embroidery Saree

Floral Print Embroidery Saree 2020 Floral Print Embroidery Saree 2019

In Floral Print Embroidery, Sarees get completed with flower designs. Colorful floral patterns get designed with fine threads and stonework.

18. Digital Print Embroidery Saree

Digital Print Embroidery Saree 2019 Digital Print Embroidery Saree 2020

Digital Print Embroidery Sarees are designed with the help of automation. Digital Print Embroidery is a technology that allows printing onto garments in full color.

19. Foil Print Embroidery Saree

Foil Print Embroidery Saree 2019

In Foil Print Embroidery Saree, designs get completed by printed by using a shiny shimmer thread. Foil print Sarees are easy to handle.

20. Zardosi Work Embroidery Saree

Zardosi Work Embroidery Saree 2019 Zardosi Work Embroidery Saree 2020

In Zardosi, “zar” meaning gold and “dozi” means embroidery. To complete the Zardosi Work Embroidery Saree, metallic-bound threads get used to complete the design. Zardosi Work Embroidery Saree is popular among people residing in countries like Iran, Pakistan, and India.

21. Lace Embroidery Saree

Lace Embroidery Saree 2020 Lace Embroidery Saree 2019

In Lace Embroidery Saree a patterned fabric is used to complete the design. The design in Lace Embroidery can be woven either by using cotton, silk or rayon. The ornamentation done on a completed fabric makes a difference between other Embroidery Saree and Lace Embroidery Saree

22. Aari Work Embroidery Saree

Aari Work Embroidery Saree 2020 Aari Work Embroidery Saree 2019

Aari Work Embroidery Saree gets designed with the help of a pen-like needle which resembles the shape of a crochet. The design in Aari Work gets completed by using beads and ‘muthia’. In Hand Embroidery, Aari Work is the delicate and finest thread work.

23. Paisley Print Embroidery Saree

Paisley Print Embroidery Saree 2020 Paisley Print Embroidery Saree 2019

A floral spray combined with a cypress tree gets designed in a Paisley Print Embroidery Saree. Paisley Embroidery is an ornamental design that gets completed by using the buta or boteh. The trend of this Paisley Design came from the Mughal Empire.

24. Foliage Print Embroidery Saree

Foliage Print Embroidery Saree 2019 Foliage Print Embroidery Saree 2020

Foliage Print Embroidery Sarees get designed with different shapes of leaves and flowers. Yes, in Foliage Print Embroidery, Craftsmen designs the saree by giving shapes of Leaves, flowers with the help of thread.

25. Embroidery Buttons Saree

Embroidery Buttons Saree 2019 - 2020

Embroidery Buttons Saree gets design by using different types of colorful and designed buttons. In these Sarees, Pattern also gets completed with the help of Buttons Only. Some craftsmen design the button according to the cloth color and then paste them by using the needle.

26. Hand Paint Embroidery Saree

Hand Paint Embroidery Saree 2019 Hand Paint Embroidery Saree 2020

Hand Paint Embroidery Saree is quite different and interesting from others. In this type, Craftsmen themselves paint the design on the Saree cloth and then decorate it with Thread work and others arts. These Sarees are quite expensive from others.

27. Polka Dots Embroidery Saree

Polka Dots Embroidery Saree 2019 Polka Dots Embroidery Saree 2020

Polka Dots Design, a lot of circles (differently sized) gets printed on a cloth. And a Polka Dots Embroidery Saree gets designed with stonework and thread work on the dots printed.

28. Geometric Print Embroidery Saree

Geometric Print Embroidery Saree 2019 Geometric Print Embroidery Saree 2020

Geometric Print Embroidery is a type of artwork in which the shapes and designs get completed according to the figures given in Geometry. Usually, in Geometric Print Embroidery, structures use are Lines, Circles, Triangle, Squares etc. Here are some Examples of Geometric Print Embroidery Saree.

29. Crochet Embroidery Saree

Crochet Embroidery Saree 2019 Crochet Embroidery Saree 2020

Crochet Embroidery is a type of handicraft in which thread is made up into a textured fabric by means of a hooked needle.

30. Checks Embroidery Saree

Checks Embroidery Saree 2019 Checks Embroidery Saree 2020

Women who love formals usually pick Checks Embroidery Sarees. The design that is prepared in the Check Embroidery is slightly different. Ever seen your mesh? There are lots of squares in it. Similarly, in the Check Embroidery, there is also a decoration of embroidered squares. Check Embroidery is a type of design in which the needlework gets done in Square shape. Here are some of the latest Check Embroidery Designs:

Hope this article helped you in getting all the details regarding the Latest Embroidery Sarees Designs. If you are satisfied with the details, please share your valuable views with us…  Thank You!!!!

50 Latest Designer Embroidery Saree Designs 2019 - 2020
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50 Latest Designer Embroidery Saree Designs 2019 - 2020
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