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Top Hair Color Trends in 2019 – Best Hair Color Ideas 2019


Is it true that you are trapped in a hopeless cycle with your hair and need to have a go at something new? At that point you are in the perfect place. We have assembled 23 one of a kind hair color ideas for 2018. The year ahead is loaded with new colors and cuts that will beautifully refresh your look. We have something for everybody from energetic colors to turns on the great shades like blonde and brunette.

1. Entirely Purple Hair Color

Entirely Purple Hair Color idea 2019

First up we have this popular purple thought. The hair has been colored blonde and highlights diverse shades of purple. To reproduce this look you could utilize one tone or even include an alternate color like pink. This color thought works best on blonde hair.

2. Frigid Blonde Bob Hair Color

Frigid Blonde Bob Hair Color ideas and Hair color trends 2019

Take a stab at something a little edgier this year and go for a frosty blonde bounce like this one. The hair at the root is dull and after that transforms into a light blonde. In the event that you have dim hair you can keep your root color common and after that include the blonde. This makes the hairstyle simple to keep up as the color will simply develop out. You could have this color thought on long hair as well.

3. Dull Balayage Hair Color

DARK BALAYAGE hair color Ideas 2019

While picking another color for your hair it doesn’t need to be extremely strong. Our next pick demonstrates how you can unobtrusively include another color. For this thought the hair is extremely dim and has lighter tones of blonde and dark colored. Despite the fact that the change isn’t exceptionally sensational, it looks super sleek. For other hair colors like red and blonde attempt and pick shades like however lighter than your regular shade.

4. Sunkissed Blonde Hair Color

SUNKISSED BLONDE  hair color Ideas 2019

Next, we have this wonderful blonde color thought. When you add blonde to brunette hair it makes a beautiful sunkissed look which is ideal for the spring and summer. For an in vogue 2018 hairstyle attempt a light blonde like the color included. This will suit everybody and is anything but difficult to keep up.

5. Purple to Blonde Hair Color

PURPLE TO BLONDE hair color Ideas 2019

We adore this next color thought! The hair begins off exceptionally dim at that point continuously mixes into purple and after that into a warm blonde. This color mix is extraordinary however it works so well! It is ideal for the women who need an entire change.

6. Light Brown & Caramel Hair Color

LIGHT BROWN AND CARAMEL hair color Ideas 2019

In the event that you need to revive your hair for the new year at that point take a stab at including light tones. By including more splendid shades like blonde, you can truly give your hair a lift. This hair thought indicates how a warm caramel color changes her darker hair. The equivalent goes for other hair colors, simply include a lighter tone than your common color.

7. Striking Blue Hair Color

BOLD BLUE hair color Ideas 2019

Feeling bold? At that point consider a striking hair color like blue! Our next thought includes a hair thought that uses a blend of dim and light blue tones. This is an extremely emotional change, however it looks exceptionally stylish! You could pick a blue hairdo like this one or pick your own color. Pink would look cool as well.

8. Warm Balayage Hair Color

WARM BALAYAGE hair color Ideas 2019

Incline toward your hair color somewhat hotter? At that point consider balayage like this. The hair begins off with an exceptionally dull shade and after that progressively gets lighter until the point that the hair is a warm blonde tone. Hair like this would be ideal for the spring and summer.

9. Red to Copper Hair Color

RED TO COPPER hair color Ideas 2019

Our next color thought is for the women who have red hair. For this hairstyle the hair begins off as a dull red and after that bit by bit goes into a light coppery color. We adore this look since it is fun, dynamic and exceptionally snappy. You could reproduce hair like this that goes into a light blonde tone as well.

10. Bronde Bob Hair Color

BRONDE BOB hair color Ideas 2019

Next, we have a dazzling bronde hair thought. Bronde is the name given to hair that has dark colored and blonde tones mixed together. This delightful blend gives hair a sunkissed look. Hair like this is ideal for spring and summer. You could even have your hair trim into a bounce to refresh your look prepared for the new seasons.


Mermaid Hair Color hair color Ideas 2019


Mermaid hair is an extremely well known pattern. The hair colors included are typically a mix of blues, pinks and purples. Our next hair thought includes a super cool mermaid look however the colors are milder. Hair color like this is ideal for the women who need to totally change their hair.

12. Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Blonde Balayage color Ideas 2019

One of the most sizzling looks of the year is balayage. This next hair color thought demonstrates how lovely balayage can be. The hair starts as dark colored and after that step by step mixes into many lighter blonde tones. This color blend is dazzling. Balayage like this will suit everybody.

13. Copper Red Hair Color

COPPER RED Hair color Trends 2019

Next, we have another hair color thought for the women with red hair. This is a case of how excellent red hair can look with the balayage system. The hair starts as a dim red and afterward mixes into a light coppery tone. This is color thought is lively and is ideal for the late spring months.

14. On Trend Blue Bob Hair Color

ON TREND BLUE BOB Hair color Trends 2019

On the off chance that you are searching for a hairstyle that will create an impression, at that point this could be for you. The hair begins of extremely dull and after that mixes into dim and blue tones. The dim to light system would work with different colors to like purple. This color thought will suit all hair lengths.

15. Bleach Blonde Hair Color

PLATINUM BLONDE Hair color Trends 2019

Bleach blonde is a stylish color decision for 2018. The plain light blonde will give the hair a lift and give you an a la mode change. This fashionista has her bleach blonde mix cut into a weave. Bounces are the ideal cut for the women who need a tense look.

16. Dark colored Balayage Hair Color

BROWN BALAYAGE Hair color Trends 2019

You can add color to your hair that is near your very own shade. This keeps the hair looking common. Our next thought demonstrates to you how stylish this strategy looks. Her hair is exceptionally dull darker with a lighter darker added to the finishes. This thought works with all hair colors aside from dark.

17. Warm Orange & Red Tones Hair Color

WARM ORANGE AND RED TONES Hair color Trends 2019

Need another hairstyle that will stunning? At that point our next thought could be for you. The hair included has a mix of many energetic colors. At the base of the hair the color is purple, at that point it moves to an orangey tone and after that light at the base. Hair like this is extraordinary for any individual who needs a total change.

18. Blonde Highlights Hair Color

BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS Hair color Trends 2019

A simple method to change your look is with blonde features. In addition to the fact that highlights suit everybody are effectively kept up. On the off chance that you need the features besting up that should be possible and in the event that you don’t you can simply give them a chance to develop out. You can get magnificent features in different colors as well.

19. Warm Waves Hair Color

WARM WAVES Hair color Trends 2019

You don’t simply need to go for the specific light blondes, you can pick hotter tones as well. Our next thought includes a brunette with warm caramel color added to the closures. This is a perfect color blend and it will give the hair a lift prepared for the spring and summer.

20. Popular Red Bob Hair Color

TRENDY RED BOB Hair color Trends 2019

Dim reds have been on pattern in form and excellence so why not hair as well? This next stylish sway is colored with a dull red tone. This rich color will create an impression yet will suit everybody. In the event that you would prefer not to color all your hair you could utilize the red with the balayage or ombre strategy.

21. Brunette Balayage Hair Color

BRUNETTE BALAYAGE Hair color Trends 2019

Next, we have another balayage thought for the brunettes. This one features how dim dark colored can be colored with light darker and blonde. The color mix included is wonderful. Hair color like this will suit all hair lengths. You could take motivation from this and utilize lighter or darker tones to make your very own exceptional mix.

22. Dull to Light Hair Color

DARK TO LIGHT Hair color Trends 2019

A stylish color method you could attempt is a mix of dull hair to light hair. On our next hairstyle the hair is extremely dull at the best and step by step gets lighter until the point when it is blonde. The color change in the hair is intense however delightful. You could utilize this color change system with any colors.

23. Smart Balayage Hair Color

STYLISH BALAYAGE Hair color Trends 2019

Keep going on our color picks list is this smart balayage look. This thought demonstrates how the women with dull or dark hair can utilize the method to add lighter tones to the hair. You can see the color changes from dark to darker to blonde. We adore this in vogue hair thought.

We trust you have been enlivened by our one of a kind hair color ideas!

Top Hair Color Trends in 2019 - Best Hair Color Ideas 2019
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Top Hair Color Trends in 2019 - Best Hair Color Ideas 2019
Top Best New Hair Color Trends and Ideas in 2019 for Girls & Women. Latest Cool Hair Color Ideas and Trends to try in 2019.
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