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10 Best Places On The Body to Get Tattoos [2019 Updated]


Best Places On The Body to Get Tattoos: Our body is like clean Paper with one color and not all like a clean body. Plan your permanent and stylish ornament with the best design yes we are talking about the tattoo. An art which makes you feel beautiful and energetic for a lifetime and help others to recognize you in a group. Decorate the body by giving lovely colors and design to your body.

Tips for First Timers:

It is always exciting to do something new in life especially and when it’s for our body excitement gets bigger. Tattoo for your body which will stay permanently and mind it, it’s not an easy task to do so. Consider many points in mind before having it like, do you want its lifetime, if yes you need to select the place where you want it and also select best tattoo maker so you get a better quality tattoo which stays for a long time.

– Decide Tattoo Size:

First, decide to design or theme what you want on your body which will help you select the best place for a tattoo on your body. If you Wanna have a larger tattoo than a backside, chest are the two best places where you can get extra space to have a beautiful tattoo. For smaller tattoo wrist, ankle and back neck can be a suitable area to display your tattoo and also look fantastic by having it in that place.

– Appreciation:

Decide whether you yourself want to adore your tattoo put on your body or want to make a tattoo as a statement for life.

– Select Ideal body spot for your Tattoo:

Yes, select the proper place for your tattoo if you have a design in your mind because of not all the parts of the body suitable for a tattoo. Try to avoid places where body changes naturally after some age.

– Keep shape in mind:

Always keep shape and size in mind for a tattoo you want and try to protect it in clothes and all for the longevity of tattoo. Take an opinion from tattoo expert if you are trying it for the first time. After all its style statement of your body and you.

Now let us see some preferable places for having a tattoo for the first time:

1. Bicep:

It can best place with lots of areas. If you want to have a big tattoo first time. Bicep is the place to have the first tattoo as you can relax at one place and artist too can enjoy making it and muscular area so less pain.

2. Shoulder:

Having a tattoo on shoulder yes, flaunt it in style whether you are a muscular man or a beautiful girl, yes shoulder is not a bad place to have the first tattoo. Tattoo on the shoulder can be visible to you can also keep bigger tattoo it painless as shoulder muscle gives less pain of machine needle.

3. Outer arm:

Give your hand a tattoo yeah tattoo on an outer arm one of the best, good and easy way to show your tattoo to others if you are having it the first time. And guess what swelling is less at the time of having a tattoo.

4. Wrist:

Having a tattoo on wrist and guess what if you have glow white skin it can look stunning we bet it can look even better than a watch or other ornaments and it is the easiest place to have a tattoo because skin is thinner yes it may hurt you but it will take lesser time than other places.

5. Ankle:

Having a tattoo on ankle, yes girls will surely love it with jeans or dress it can look beautiful and guess what no need of any ornaments small tattoo there can look amazing.

6. Inner arm:

Tattoo on the inner arm is also a good idea as your tattoo will be safe because of no direct sun effect on the tattoo. And looks lovely just imagine sitting in a group in good lights and you are having a tattoo on inner arm well designed can surely bring eyes theirs on your tattoo. So first timers who want to save tattoo from the sun can try tattoo on inner arm and also flaunt it with style in the group.

7. Hairline:

Yes tattoo right near you neck backside many of the stars like to have tattooed their very famous place which is used by many tattoo lovers to showcase their small design tattoo. And less pain too while having the tattoo and it can save for a long time as it covers with hair or shirt and all.

Now next on the list are the tattoos who don’t like to flaunt it public every time:

1. Chest area:

Yes upper chest will be the first choice for many men to have a strong statement tattoo to have with a roaring symbol or any wild animal place or even spiritual tattoo. Tattoo on the chest will be less seen and also will be safe in clothes which means more longitivity of the tattoo. More space for tattoo yes it is highly recommended you have to be sure it’s not affecting you or your skin theirs as its sensitive place to have.

2. Back of your body:

Best place to have a long tattoo and it can be covered with clothes and will not get affected to sun rays too. So you will have a tattoo which will remain in shape and color for a long time with big designs as per your choice.

3. Upper thighs:

Yes one of the best places to have tattoo-less pain on the time of having a tattoo as you get the support of leg muscles and also a big area to have a good design as per your wish. Tattoo on upper thigh will also remain for a long time as it covered with clothes most of the time so they will not affect it because of the sun.

As we understand having a tattoo for the first time is always a big excitement for anyone. So we have tried to figure out a few places to have your first tattoo which can look stylish and can stay for a long time.

10 Best Places On The Body to Get Tattoos [2019 Updated]
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10 Best Places On The Body to Get Tattoos [2019 Updated]
Best Places for a Tattoo on Body for the First Time [Men & Women]. Places to get Tattoos that can be Hidden [Tips + Tricks + Techniques].
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